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Our Investment Philosophy

Media Investments Holdings is a digital brand media house with a vertical focused audience. We buy or manage digital properties from independent owners / media houses and grow them to their full potential. Our global workforce and partners are present across US, UK, Middle East and India.

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Our core mission

  • 01

    Inform our readers with expert information on their interested passions to help make right decisions

  • 02

    Connect readers to like minded communities to inspire them to contribute thereby building organic engagement

  • 03

    Innovate by leveraging latest technology and AI trends to provide our readers with multiple tools & best-in-class experience

Our Investment Strategy

Media Investments team has developed a unique M&A playbook which starts with identifying macroeconomic trends in the digital sector. We develop and curate actionable investment thesis to pursue opportunities which can have a positive impact on the business and enable it to scale for next level of growth.

We ideally look for evergreen content led businesses which can be operated with minimum on-field operations. Some of the core sectors where we operate are as follows

  • Business & SaaS

  • Technology

  • Health & Wellness

  • Culinary

  • Automotive

  • Home & Lifestyle

  • Finance

  • Education

Our Investment criteria

  • High strategic fit with our business priorities

  • Profitable businesses & healthy cash flow

  • Strong credentials & team capabilities

  • US based readership traffic & users

  • Diversified traffic sources & monetization

  • Passionate, high value audience & customer engagement

Our Strengths

  • our strength

    Highly-Qualified Management Team

    The core team and senior management have 100+ years of combined experience in creating & scaling digital businesses globally

    Our investment advisory team consists of former CXO’s, founders/operators with rich experience across the ad-tech value chain

    The company has a stable team with skills across growth, finance, digital and acquisitions

  • our strength

    Digital First Organization

    We have very strong tech stack which enables us to help scale our portfolio companies faster

    We can hire & train best-in-class tech talent faster due to our existing talent deployment capabilities in the ad-tech industry

    It allows our people to easily move around brands and roles more efficiently and helps our organization to operate efficiently

  • our strength

    Strong Partner Ecosystem

    We have global partnerships with experts across SEO, digital media, PPC, influencers, etc.

    We have strong expertise in building and scaling sales funnel to capture monetization opportunities

    Our advisory panel & established processes can help create new business opportunities and streamline operations

Acquisition Process

We have a transparent and structured process when it comes to making acquisitions

  • 01

    Deal Review & Introductions

    Once you submit a proposal our team will engage with the seller to check the business needs, develop the preliminary synergy checks and requirements

  • 02

    Initial Deal Terms

    Once a potential synergy is established we discuss with the seller the potential deal terms, valuation expectations and send out an LOI for deal closure

  • 03

    Due Diligence

    We engage our team to conduct a detailed due diligence to ensure a smooth business transition & avoid bottlenecks

  • 04

    Asset Purchase Agreements (APA)

    Post the DD stage we engage with the seller to assist on the deal agreements closing including the structure of the sale

  • 05

    Deal Closure

    Post signing most of our deals are done via Escrow services, where after verifications and deal completion the funds can be released

Key Benefits for the Seller

  • Save the broker commissions & fees

    Our offer works in favor of the seller since the final closing price bypasses the commissions and marketplace/broker fees leading to better payouts

  • Experienced Buyers

    Due to our expertise in the sector we can offer the best deal terms customized to the business and thus save the seller the hassle of dealing with multiple inexperienced buyers

  • Faster Sale Process

    Sellers can bypass the lengthy sales process and hassle associated with dealing with different buyers and brokers. It helps in closing the sale faster.

  • Post Acquisition Care & Brand Preservation

    We will be committed to grow the brand further post acquiring it in our portfolio and the seller should definitely be rest assured that their business will be safe hands

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